AFTER The Power Game

In the wake of The Plane Makers and The Power Game, a number of series followed which echoed the themes of the series. Some came from parts of the original creative team, others were fresh initiatives.

1963 - 1965 - The Plane Makers (Associated Television). Producer Rex Firkin. Script Editor Wilfred Greatorex

19 January 1965 Front Page Story (Associated Televison). Producer Rex Firkin. Script Editor Wilfred Greatorex. Creator Lewis Greifer. Starring John Bennett as Ray Boscombe, Derek Godfrey as Den Tarrant. With Basil Henson as Sandy Warren (Warren would later return in The Power Game.

7 July 1965 Mogul (BBC Televison). Producer Peter Graham Scott. Script Editor and Creator John Elliott. Starring Geoffrey Keen as Brian Stead, managing director of the Mogul Oil Company, and Phillip Latham as company secretary Willy Izard. As the company troubleshooters, the series starred Ray Barrett as Peter Thornton, Barry Foster as Robert Driscoll, and Ronald Hines as Derek Prentice. The series returned in 1966 as The Troubleshooters

13 December 1965 The Power Game For a review of the first episode click here

30 April 1966 The Troubleshooters (BBC Televison). This was the rebranded second series of Mogul. In a cost-cutting move,Foster and Hines were replaced by Robert Hardy as Alec Stewart, who survived until the 1968 series. Producer Peter Graham Scott (from September 1966, Anthony Read). Script Editor and Creator John Elliott. Starring Geoffrey Keen as Brian Stead, managing director of the Mogul Oil Company. Ray Barrett as Peter Thornton and Robert Hardy as Alec Stewart. For more on The Troubleshooters there is a dedicated site at this link

Monday 15 January 1968Playhouse:The Curtis Affair(Associated Television)

The "Missing Link" between series two and three of The Power Game, this one-off play by Wilfred Greatorex is directed by David Reid, who would go on to produce the third series. For a full Review click here 

2 August 1968 Gazette (Yorkshire Televison). Producer Terence Williams. Script Editor Elwyn Jones. Creator Robert Barr. Starring Gerald Harper as publisher James Hadleigh, Jon Laurimore as editor Frank Walters, Ralph Michael as Colonel Chamberlayne, Gillian Wray as reporter Susan Jackson and Michael Blackham as Spence. The series would return as Hadleigh.For more on Gazette go here

7 January 1969The Power Game: Special Envoy (Associated Television

18 June 1969 The Main Chance (Yorkshire Television).See more here

16 September 1969 Hadleigh (Yorkshire Televison).

14 September 1970 The Main Chance See more here(Yorkshire Television)

24 November 1970 Grady (Yorkshire Televison).3-part spin-off from The Main Chancefeaturing Anthony Bate as an industrial agitator.

8 January 1971 Hadleigh (Yorkshire Televison).

7 April 1971 Hine (Associated Televison). Creator Wilfred Greatorex. Starring Barrie Ingham as arms dealer Joe Hine. For more information go here

January 1972 The ChallengersYorkshire Television.See more here

10 March 1972 The Brothers (BBC Television). This series aboout a family haulage company ran for seven years. Created by N.J.Crisp and produced by BBC stalwart Gerard Glaister. Margaret Ashcroft, from The Main Chance joined the cast from September 1974 and Kate O'Mara from May 1975.

7 June 1972 The Main Chance (Yorkshire Televison).See more here

21 July 1972 The Man From Haven (Associated Televison). Creator Wilfred Greatorex. Starring Ian Holm as Jack Byron Leaver, who uses his contacts within a Swiss bank to blackmail the holders of anonymous accounts (6 episodes).

15 August 1974 The Inheritors (Harlech Televison). Creator Wilfred Greatorex. Starring Peter Egan, Robert Urquhart

15 February 1975 The Hanged Man (Yorkshire Televison). Writer/Creator Edmund Ward. Director Marc Miller. Starring Colin Blakely as industrialist Lew Burnett who survives an assassination attempt and decides to stay dead, teaming up with insurance investigator Alan Crowe (Michael Williams) to find out who paid the contract. With Gary Watson as assassin John Quentin. See more here

18 April 1975 The Main ChanceSee more here (Yorkshire Televison).

4 November 1975 The Nearly Man (Granada TV) starring Tony Britton as a Member of Parliament under fire.See more here

8 January 1976 When The Boat Comes In (BBC Televison). Although set in Tyneside after the first world war, this BBC series created by James Mitchell presents a lead character who matches John Wilder in spirit. See more here .

5 March 1976 Hadleigh (Yorkshire Televison).

18 September 1978 The Sandbaggers (Yorkshire TV) starring Roy Marsden as a Wilder with a license to kill .See more here

12 January 1982 Muck and Brass (Central Television). Starring Mel Smith and Darien Angadi this was literally the last ATV drama production, although it went out under their new and diminished guise of Central TV. Tom Clarke's script exposes the workings of the property industry and local government as incisively as The Power Game. For more about Muck and Brassgo to this article

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