Elizabeth Dawson -

From her home in Grimsby, author Elizabeth Dawson told me that her knowledge of young people stems from welfare work among them shortly after the war. She draws on this experience for her plays. She started to write in 1950, and she has been writing consistently for radio and television. The most notable of her plays was "The Roof Garden." She could not easily be persuaded to give up her job as secretary to a bank manager and says only: "I write best at night, anyway."

1955 London Playhouse (ITV) Summer in Normandy

1959 Playhouse (ITV) -The Jukebox  Harry H Corbett, Miriam Karlin, Alan Bates

"She treats a tough subject with sensitivity," says the play's director, Tania Lieven, "and she shows a great insight in her characterisation

A gang has been fighting in Charlie Panetti's snack bar the night before "The Jukebox" opens. This was not the first time, nor will it be the last, but if Panetti calls the police, he might as well close down.
"The Jukebox" is Friday's "Television Playhouse" production. It stars Miriam Karlin and Harry H. Corbett who plays Panetti, the Cockney with a life-long dream of going to live in Italy. He plans to end his days in Tuscany, where his father was reared. Until now, he has ventured no farther than a visit once a year to his young daughter Nina (Wendy Hutchinson) in the country.

1960 Playhouse (ITV) The Ostrich

1960 Playhouse (ITV) After the Party

1963 Play of the Week (ITV) The Seventh Wave

Director Tania Lieven. stars Ann Bell as Sally Brent, Anthony Booth as Peter Miller, Richard Butler and Patrick Wymark as Joe Brent

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